Toolkit for Business

People who cycle to work are fitter, healthier, less stressed and more motivated. Cycling can also help companies fulfil their workplace travel plans, reduce their carbon emissions and promote their corporate social responsibility. There are over 8500 businesses in the Royal Borough of Tunbridge Wells, if only one extra person within each business started to cycle to work, this would have a significant positive impact within the Borough.

How to get your business involved with Cycle Friday. 

There are many ways in which you can promote cycling to employees within your organisation. Ideas range from offering assisted cycle purchase schemes to employees, providing cycle parking, providing route planning advice, to setting up a bike pool scheme and / or signing up to a try cycling program for your employees. Assisted cycle purchase schemes can be a great way for employers to support employees to acquire a bicycle and related equipment, and help them save up to 32% of the purchase price. For further information please talk to one of our local cycle retailers.

Please support us by:

  • Telling your colleagues and other local business contacts about the initiative
  • Appointing a Cycle Champion within your business / organisation
  • Encouraging your colleagues to cycle and share their journey experiences on twitter or facebook

Who is your company’s Cycle Champion?

A Cycle Champion is someone who will assume responsibility for promoting cycling within your organisation. They will ideally but not necessarily be a cyclist, but will have the ability to influence others, and work to impact on the extent of cycling related facilities and participation that your business has. Cycle Friday would like to engage, and keep your champion up to date with information and news about our events and initiatives, that could help improve the level of cycling your business achieves  Please register your Cycle Champion here, and it’s probably best to ask them first!



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